How To Smash Your  Mortgage
Attention Home Owners With A Mortgage: Do not accept that your mortgage must be a permanent fixture
in your life...  get rid of it forever!!!
ďDiscover How These Amazingly EASY
And Yet ADVANCED Methods Will Help You SMASH Your Mortgage In Record Time
Without Restricting Your Everyday Spending.Ē
(Donít try this if you want to live poor and grumpy forever,
and certainly donít try this if you are
happy to have a mortgage when you retire.)
Dear Frustrated Home Owner,

What would you do with YOUR money if you didnít have to pay it to the bank each month?  Come on,
Iím serious!  What would you be able to enjoy if you did not have to make that payment each and every month, possibly for the rest of your working life?
If you donít want to be one of the unfortunate souls
who ends up with a 40-50 year mortgage
then youíd better take note of what Iím about to say.
Why listen?  Because Iím going to show you how you can become totally debt free, no mortgage, no other debts, and no more mortgage payments which will allow you to make other choices about what you spend your money on.

Youíll be able to buy a new car if you want to, visit the family in other parts of the world, educate the kids, or support the community you live in.  And you can do all of this without the stress of refinancing your home or buying a $3-4,000 software package.

But I get ahead myself... let me introduce myself and tell you my story, let me tell you how Kathy and I were able to pay our house off by the time we were thirty years old.
Kathy and I were married in 1996 and quickly settled into our first home.  Sure, we had a mortgage on the house, we were on one income, but we made do.  Life was great. 
Mortgage interest rates at the time were over 11% so I was keen to get ahead and prove to my new wife and her family that I was a smart cookie.  I asked my bank how I could reduce my mortgage faster and they gave me their best advice (which I will share with you later).  We faithfully made our payments each month, careful to limit our spending and do what we could to make our home a little bit better.  (It was through this I learnt how not to decorate!)
After the first year we got our first statement in the mail, I was excited at the thought of how much progress we had made.  I tore the envelope open as Kathy waited with the bottle of champagne to toast our celebration. 

What I saw made me mad,
smoke literally poured out of my ears and set the fire alarm off.
(Not really, but it describes how mad I was!)

In those 12 months we had paid over $14,000 to the bank and our mortgage had reduced by only $1,000.  Yep, I was gutted.  You could hear the deathly silence as my heart momentarily stopped beating, then ear-popping-like thunder as my heart raced and my blood boiled.

This is not acceptable!Ē I screamed as Kathy drowned her disappointment without using a glass!
Over the next 6 years I made it my mission to find ways to beat the system and uncover the strategies that would get rid of our mortgage as quickly as possible.
They all thought I was nuts working hard to pay off my mortgage.
These days itís me whoís laughing while they all pay thousands of dollars to the bank while I spend my money on my family and their dreams!
And what I did worked.

Speed forward six years and I canít find the words to describe to you the feeling I had the day I received a phone call from my bank manager.

ďThatís itĒ, said Glen, ďtransaction completed.  Your house is officially mortgage free.Ē 

What a milestone; our personal family home was completely debt free.  Can you tell itís a moment in my life Iím proud of?
But most importantly I began to teach others what I had learnt.  What was the point in keeping it a secret?  I sat with families at their kitchen table and shared what I had done to annihilate my mortgage.  And by doing this I found that others were able to make the same progress and get rid of their mortgage too.
Is your mortgage killing you (financially or literally)??  Iím going to show you how to knock a huge chunk of time off your mortgage term so that you will be
stress free, in control, and on your way to a life making yourself richer,
and not the guy who owns the bank!
Youíll be relieved to hear that you, too, can have access to what I learned and what has helped hundreds of other families.  Iíve jammed everything I can think of into a book that you can use to develop your own pathway to financial freedom.  And that book is here for you and you can start reading it in the next 3 minutes.
How To Smash Your Mortgage

The Five Strategies I used to pay my house off
by age 30
This book will help anyone with a mortgage to get rid of it and find the freedom that comes from getting rid of the annoying monthly payments.  You donít have to refinance your house.  You donít have to spend up to $4,000 buying a program.  And you certainly donít have to be a Yale graduate to understand it.

I took all the techniques and ideas I created from the stories of the people Iíve helped over the last ten years.  This
64 page E-Book is crammed full of practical ideas you can start to use right away.  Iíve spent my entire working life studying people and money, and now you can benefit from my years of research.

Iím incredibly proud of what this book offers.  Why?  Because I know youíll be able to rest easy with the peace that comes from being in control of your finances.  And Iím pretty certain youíll love the freedom to choose what you do with your money, as opposed to being dictated to by your nasty mortgage broker or bank manager.

And when that house is finally free and clear of debt, I can most definitely relate to the feeling of release youíll feel at no longer having to pay those dreaded payments each month.  Or will it be that you are happy to count the money youíve saved... will it be $100,000 or $200,000, or almost half a million dollars in interest savings like Luke and Laura?  (see below)
Are you wondering if this is too good to be true?
Donít just take my word for it.
Luke and Laura didnít want a 30 year mortgage, so they did something clever and paid their $275,000 loan off in 9 years and 10 months.
Oh yeah, and they saved $454,907 in interest in the process.
Not bad for a couple of young newly-weds.
You must promise me that you will only use these techniques when itís a matter of financial life and death... it will not be fair on your banker if you slam him to the mat and crush his pride with the skills you will learn
(even if he deserves it)!!
Hereís a sample of what youíll get from this book and the freebies - (oops, I let that one slip by mistake!)
Iíll share an ancient secret from the Orient that will put a ďfleaĒ in your brain and have you spinning for hours about all the things youíve missed out on in life so far
Think this is going to be all about numbers?  Wrong.  First things first you have to smash your glass ceiling so you can smash your mortgage
7 powerful questions to ponder that, if you answer them honestly, will give you access to more truth and more power in every area of your life, not just money
A simple model to calculate the total cost of owning your home so that you are so damn angry that you force yourself to do what I teach you
While I wonít give them to you here I will share the 5 strategies I used to pay my house off by age 30 - youíll be amazed at how simple it can be and yet dismayed youíve done nothing like this before now?!!
The olí saying ďIf the shoe fits, wear itĒ applies and youíll be scratching your head deciding how many of these strategies youíll be game to try.  Some only get as far as number 1 and 2, but the real keen beans go for all 5.  How keen are ya?
Iíll gift you the Budgeting Model I teach via my charitable trust so that you can apply it to every area of your finances.  This has transformed the lives of thousands of families, some with a mortgage and some without.  Youíll want every person in your family to get a hold of these principles!
Youíll see a picture of why it makes sense to pay less interest on your mortgage and how that helps you to pay the loan down faster;  that is unless you want to be in debt up to your eye-balls in retirement...
Why being a bigger person is more than just eating take-out!

... and more nuggets of information from my guests that Iíll introduce you to shortly
Okay Phil, what will it cost me to get my hands on this information
because the clock is ticking and every second costs me
in interest payments to the bank!
If you were refinancing your house or buying another mortgage acceleration product youíd be up for $3-4,000 up front, no guarantees and a whole load more hassle.  But thatís not cool.

If I was using this as a way to buy my wife Kathy a holiday house on a Fijian Island in the Pacific for her next birthday Iíd be charging you a thousand bucks or more.  You might agree that would be great value for you to then turn those ideas into up to half a million dollars in interest savings... wouldnít it?

Nah, Iíll find another way to buy her a holiday home in Fiji.

Look, Iím going to offer you the chance to pick up this book and a few other goodies for $37.  It almost sounds too cheap and Iím a bit worried you may think the book isnít high quality.  Iím sure I spend that much each month on decent coffees!  You may spend it at the movies or on a few new albums on iTunes, but how does that help your financial future?

Why not invest that money to get 5 steps closer to international travel, a new car, lifestyle, and of course firing your bank manager?!!

Am I mad for giving you this for only $37?  Probably.  But I believe in the concept of giving and I understand that giving to others is what makes the world go Ďround.  So call me crazy, but you can purchase this today for only $37 and I will email it to you immediately.  And there's even more in store for you.....

Just to prove that Iím a real decent bloke Iíll add some extra bonuses today:
While Iím talking about giving
why donít I put my money where my mouth is?
Exclusive Video Report outlining ďWhy most families are on track to end up with a 40 to 50 year mortgageĒ ...... (make sure this isnít you!)
                                                              Valued at $49
Another Exclusive Video Report:   7 things your bank manager did not tell you about your mortgage, and why you need to know them.  In this video youíll learn the WRONG THINKING most families are caught up in... apply this thinking to your life so it doesnít happen to you!
                                                              Valued at $77
Audio Download - FROM LIVE SEMINAR
Why your Financial Values are so important - a 34 minute audio segment that will radically change the way you think about your money.

                                                              Valued at $97
Download of ďThink and Grow RichĒ by Napoleon Hill and ďThe Science of Getting RichĒ by Wallace D Wattles, two life-changing eBooks from internationally acclaimed authors
                                                              Valued at $49
Total Value of Bonuses:                                $272

Your Extra Cost Today:                                 $ NOTHING!!
Okay, now I really do sound like a nutter.  But the bonuses will hopefully prove to you that I am dead serious about you becoming another one of my clients who has paid off their house.

Here's my Disclaimer:  If I get feedback that this offer is truly too good to be true I must reserve the right to increase the price or remove the bonuses.  Donít be one of the people that miss out!
I guarantee with my own money that you will make this work.
Your satisfaction and results are guaranteed, or Iíll give your money back no questions asked!

What did I say?  Sound too good to be true?  Worried this is a shameless bribe?  Not at all
I am so confident that my methods are going to work for you, why wouldnít they... theyíve worked for loads of others in the same situation as you.  If you are not completely satisifed with your purchase, please contact me within the next 60 days and I will refund your money!

But donít worry - you wonít need to take me up on this offer.

So I reckon Iím being pretty fair at my end.  The question is, are you being fair at your end, are you being fair to yourself and your family?
Get an unfair advantage over everyone else by taking these proven strategies and obliterating your home mortgage.  Why?  Because you donít want to be the ďpoor old Uncle or AuntyĒ the rest of the family talks about at family reunions.  Show them how clever you are by paying your house off in under _____ years (you choose a number and insert in the gap).
Consider this:

1.          Now is the right time for you to begin the better future

2.          Itís worked for countless families much worse off than you

3.          Iím offering for you to try this at my risk, if it doesnít work you get double your money back

And finally:

4.          What will it cost you
not to follow through on this idea?  Are you prepared to accept that?
So order today, right now, while its on your mind.  And be prepared to see the new future filled with less stress, more financial freedom, and loads of opportunity.

Kind Regards,
P.S      It shouldnít be this easy to learn such super-advanced Financial Skills... but it is!  Find out why home owners all over the world are scrambling to be the first to see this astonishing ďend it quickĒ mortgage repayment system... the information that you can use to revolutionise your future and take the pain of your bank account away.

P.P.S      My book, How to Smash Your Mortgage, was created by collecting all the ideas that worked for me and other families I helped.  You can begin to reap the rewards of my hard work today by taking up this offer and securing the book and free download bonuses.  Order now!

P.P.P.S      Remember, if I get feedback that this offer is literally too good, I reserve the right to withdraw the bonuses, increase the price, or cancel the offer altogether. 
Donít be someone thatís ďgunnaĒ do something, or else you might end up to be a ďgonerĒ!

P.P.P.P.S      I promise that if I sell a million of these books Iíll buy Kathy a Fijian Island and reduce the price of the book to zero.  Go on, make her day!
(c) Phil Strong 2008

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